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Perpetual Winter {v.5.5 vital amnesia} [entries|friends|calendar]
Winter, and then some

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{17 flew with me (+) gazing into the distance}

Friends only. [28 Jan 2008|01:14pm]
[...=all entries locked save for soundtrack=...]

This image is from the album cover of "Promised Land", a masterpiece by reclusive Japanese artist Rurutia.

The layout, friends-banner, and background graphic for this journal were made by me; please do not use elsewhere without permission or credit. However, the background is 1024 x 768 and may be taken for personal desktop wallpaper use.

+ comment to add
+ do not comment if you're not an intelligent carbon-based life form
-key word there is intelligent.

{gazing into the distance}

This is for the benefit of the Intarwebs. [10 Dec 2006|06:34pm]
QED is one of my favourite techno/dance duos of all time. Unfortunately, this is on the basis of one album, and they've never released more. In fact, there's not been a BLIP from them since 2004. So, since their website www.qedmobius.com went down a couple of months ago and was never revived, I went into a panic because their lyrics were almost all online and I couldn't find them. There were very few in the typical Internet lyrics sites, and many of them were erroneous or totally unrelated.

Then, with the help of some 1337 Internet skills and the Wayback Archive, I managed to salvage what there was. For any other fans out there, here you go.

QED: Mobius
1. Love BitesCollapse )
2. Hardly a DayCollapse )
3. So It Is (Kiss the Dream)Collapse )
4. IslandsCollapse )
5. AloneCollapse )
6. Dark Side of Your HeartCollapse )
Dark Side of Your Heart
7. UnawareCollapse )
8. Running AwayCollapse )
Running Away [transcribed by Winter]

If I never knew your love for the lifetime
never held you in my arms like the first night
If I'd given up my heart to another
would I know which way to run? now I wonder...

*I'm running away but I'm getting close
Holding you back when I'm letting go
I wanna believe but I never know, will it ever go?
Too many times really ain't enough
That's why you fall when you fall in love
I'm running away but I need to know that you're gonna follow me

I was lost and then you found I was missing
Boy, I can't forget your smile or your kisses
and I know deep in my heart we'll stay together
if the promise that we made was forever...oh!


Without you nothing could ever be complete
I never knew that love could get a hold on me
It's got a hold on me
I'm running away...

*repeat x 2
9-11. Vampyre mixesCollapse )
12. Epilogue (Hardly a Day part 2)Collapse )

{gazing into the distance}

Separated endlessly [05 Oct 2006|09:04pm]
Inspired by the raw obsoleteness of disc two.

Translations in brackets where applicable. Each lyrics selection is relevant.

Zephyr, Unchained-- part three of a soundtrackCollapse )
Hidden Bonus Tracks: On A Lighter, Less <s>Angsty</s> Weighty NoteCollapse )

I do love Vienna Teng's songwriting, so she makes too many appearances in all of my little compilations.

{gazing into the distance}

Sing me a song of spirits [14 Aug 2005|02:04pm]
Disc one touched on the basics. Disc three is the final evolution.

Translations in brackets where applicable. Each lyrics selection has meaning. Please e-mail artemis.winter{at}gmail.com or IM me at Jadeitesaber if you wish to have any of these songs sent to you.

Diverging Mirages-- part two of a soundtrackCollapse )

In other news, I have discovered little Chinese anime fans. Awwww. I have proteges! *geeks*

{4 flew with me (+) gazing into the distance}

Everyone needs their own theme song(s). [18 Jul 2005|11:23am]
Disc two is more in-depth.

Translations in brackets where applicable. Each lyrics selection has meaning.

Distortions of Wind and Water-- a soundtrackCollapse )

In other news, I have the sixth book (and it came with a free poster, some stickers, a wristband that reads "July 16, 2005" and this all will be Ebay fodder in a few years SO MUCH. Liekwhoa. *geeks*) and I don't want to leave this program. Waaai.

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